Our BHot Compression Tights are scientifically proven to help improve leg muscle performance with more power, precision and endurance; provides continuous support, stability, and alignment to each leg muscle. Benefit from reduced leg aches and pains following a rigorous cold weather workout while staying warm and dry; ideal for all winter sports. 

With the addition of Merino wool, you will stay warm and dry throughout the day. The secret to Merino wool’s lies in its fine fibres. It’s the softest wool available and it also has higher elasticity that other wools that helps prevent our compression garments from losing their shape. 

Content : 55 % Polyester, 25% Elastane, 20% Merino Wool

  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Align and support muscles and knees
  • Help prevent injuries
  • Support the knee
  • Waistband drawstring
  • 2 pockets on back

The best winter and outdoor performance gear!

Sizes 0 to 6 - Click on the EC3D sizing chart

Targeting : Glutes, ITBand, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and knees

Calibrated compression : 20 - 25 mmHg