John F. Ross Custom Mouthguard (2 Pack)

GAMEON mouthguards are the ultimate in protection for your teeth and jaw as well as form impact trauma during sports. 

Key Features:

  • 2 X the impact absorption - the base material (Vistamaxx) is also used to make car bumpers while the base material in other mouthguards is used to make flimsy, crushable water bottles
  • The best fit - easy to mold; lock down fit so it stays in your mouth; slim and comfortable so it’s easy to speak, breath and drink; 
  • The best material - braces friendly; easy to fit and reform; hydrophobic material doesn't absorb germs and saliva
  • The only mouthguard to offer a custom fit over braces-and it can be adjusted and refit as teeth move. Designed by experts in the sports dentistry with youth and adult athletes with braces in mind.
  • The ONLY American Dental Association (ADA) accepted mouthguard on the market(customs are not ADA approved)
  • microwave for  custom fit in seconds, no boiling water required.

Package includes 2 custom logo'd mouth-guards with a custom logo'd case.