sam Sport



sam® Sport is a bio-regenerative medical device that delivers

Sustained Acoustic Medicine, providing 1.3 W of low-intensity

(132 mW/cm2) ultrasound energy at 3MHz frequency to accelerate

biological healing processes and reduce pain. Through the

sustained delivery of low intensity acoustic waves, sam® Sport

stimulates the body’s natural repair process.


    Clinically proven multi-hour therapy to activate the following mechanisms of action in tissue to facilitate soft-tissue recovery:


      • Increase blood flow and oxygenated hemoglobin

      • Stimulate angiogenesis and new blood vessel development

      • Increase collagen lay-down in connective tissue

      • Increase nutrient transfer to injured tissues to aid in recovery 

    1. Best TM. Low Intensity Ultrasound for Promoting Soft Tissue Healing: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Medical Technology. Internal Medicine Review. 2016


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    sam® Sport

          Each kit contains two ultrasound applicators, power controller module, electrical charger, Y-branch adapter, 10 coupling patches and user manual.   Reduces Pain Enhances tissue recovery Provides deep heating Delivers mechanical compression Increases deep circulation Increases oxygen an...

    sam® Coupling Patches (40-pcs)

    sam® Coupling Patches (40-pcs) with specially formulated gel for multi-hour ultrasound delivery. The patches are hypoallergenic and latex-free. Engineered and made in the USA.