Our BHOT Compression Crew Socks are the newest addition to our BHOT collection. We’ve designed a shorter version of our high socks to offer you an everyday easy to wear high quality sock while keeping you warm. Specifically designed to support the arch of the foot to help reduce plantar fasciitis pain and swelling of the feet. This mid-calf socks also offers excellent stability at the ankle. 

With the addition of Merino wool, you will stay warm and dry throughout the day. The secret to Merino wool’s lies in its fine fibres. It’s the softest wool available and it also has higher elasticity that other wools that helps prevent our compression socks from losing their shape. 

Content : 55 % Polyamide, 25% Elastane, 20% Merino Wool 

Calibrated Compression: 20-25 mmHg

  1. Enhances blood circulation
  2. Arch Support
  3. Seamless, padded heel and toe
  4. Warm comfort of Merino wool