Epiflex, Epicondylitis Support

Traditional design relieves pain caused by medial or lateral epicondylitis. Features Semi-rigid construction is pre-formed to distribute strap pressure Pressure point pad relieves irritated tendon insertions Thermoprene liner for increased comfort Adjustable for medial or lateral placement Can ...

Hallux Valgus Comfort-T

Strap system positions the great toe in proper alignment. Features Simple strap design is easy to don/doff Washable straps to promote patient hygiene. IndicationsIndicated for hallux valgus.

Manu ComforT

Our most comfortable wrist brace ideal for long-term and nighttime wear. Features Phase change material absorbs excess body heat and releases it again when the body needs it Removable and malleable palmer stay Dual spiral dorsal stays Circumferential elastic strap restricts wrist movement I...


Our most popular thumb spica uses a heat moldable thermoplastic stay for thumb support and custom angulations. Features One-hand wraparound design for ease of use Removable extensor stay is heat moldable, using hot water Circumferential elastic strap restricts wrist movement (extra long version...