IMC functional wrist brace

Allsport IMC Wrist is an off-the-shelf wrist brace engineered to limit the extension of the wrist. There is a bi-axial, articulating hinge system that also allows side to side movement of the wrist.

The IMC features the open-palm design that is comfortable and limits the obstruction of the rider's grip, while the rigid dorsal frame provides stability and support. The frame is constructed of an injection molded, high-strength composite material.


Wrist - Acute, Rehab, Long-Term, Prevention

Strapping Systems Available
Lacer, Speed, Sport

Sizes Available
Small, Medium, Large

Easy-pull strap configuration makes application easy, quick and comfortable
Frame is constructed of an injection molded, high-strength composite material
Liner is constructed from a high-grade, open cell foam and is ergonomically shaped for fit and comfort
Bi-axial, articulating hinge provides a controlled and anatomically-accurate movement of the wrist
Unique, open palm design is minimally invasive and limits obstruction of patient's grip

Color Available
The Allsport IMC Wrist is available in Black